Weights Explained – Light, Moderate, Heavy

We don’t program specific weights in our workouts for a reason. We want to keep things simple and give YOU the chance to push yourself. Here are some simple things you should know when approaching a workout in one of these 3 categories.


This should be a weight that you can do for a long duration in a carry/drag. Think 800 meters or more without putting the weight down. It’s also something that you should be able to do high repetitions with in regards to movements – 20 reps or more unbroken or with very little rest to accomplish the work set.


Weights increase here and start to get challenging. Carries/drags will be limited to 400 meters or less and repetitions should be closer to 8-15 reps unbroken or with very little rest to complete the work set.


This is where things start to get slow and more challenging in regards to loading. Carries/drags will be inside of 200 meters and could be as short as 50’. Loading will demand you to keep reps in singles or inside of 3-5 unbroken with very little rest.  

Weight is relative, work hard and you’ll get results. Don’t overthink it, challenge yourself and as you improve you can start to adjust the weight to meet these categories. If it feels light, work faster. If it feels heavy, grunt it out. Head down, nose to the grindstone, and get to work!