Definition of grunt work: basic, hard work, often physical, tiring work, that is necessary for something to succeed.

Raise the Flag

Grunt Work was built by 8x CrossFit Games competitor, Chris Spealler.

Through years of experience in fitness, Chris recognized a gap in the fitness and outdoor community; a program that would build lasting strength for any endeavor – CrossFit, hunting, mountain biking, base jumping, etc.

That’s when Grunt Work was developed. This type of training forces you to deal with the awkwardness of odd object movements, carries, static holds, and more, by recruiting muscles in new ways and forcing your body to work synergistically.

After testing this method Chris discovered that the brain tends to think in terms of movement, not specific muscles, and odd object training can help us get strong in powerful ways that are more primal. By training with objects that are imbalanced, awkward or unstable, we can improve our ability to control the unpredictability stressors and demands we face in competition or in life.

Grunt Work is a necessary for anyone looking to improve their overall strength and capabilities for ANY endeavor.

Chris Spealler

Chris is a former Division 1 collegiate wrestler, 8x CrossFit Games veteran, Affiliate Owner, and entrepreneur. He competed at the very first CrossFit Games in 2007, where he went on to collect a pair of Southwest Regional titles and three Top 10 finishes at the Games (2007, 2008, 2010), along with a “Spirit of the Games” award in 2010. His never quit attitude, heart, and work ethic have helped bridge the gap between the CrossFit community and the elite competitors. Chris now helps others achieve their own greatness by sharing his knowledge and experience through programming and coaching for Icon Athlete and Grunt Work.