Keep things simple grunt

Grunt Work is designed to keep things simple and to the point. Both in training, and equipment. With a few simple pieces from places like or a bit of creativity from Home Depot, you can turn yourself into a beast. Here are some simple things we recommend you get your hands on to make the most of Grunt Work.


Rogue Slice Sled – The beauty behind this one is that it’s a “do it all” sled. You can use it as a prowler or dragging sled. It handles both very well. Also easy to store and can easily be tossed in the back of your car or track if needed.


Not in the mood to buy a sled just yet? Grab yourself a cheap wheelbarrow and use the tub (metal part) as the dragging sled. You can easily drill some holes in it with a mount to attach a tow strap to use it as a dragging sled. If you want to push it, the tub is just high enough to make for a dreadful sled push as well. Plus, you can load up the tub with anything you want!

Rope or

You may consider grabbing a rope for some of the pulling options. If you purchased the Rogue Slice Sled, it will have a sled strap to go with it which you can use for pulling as well.

Rop or

If you’re taking the budget route, check out Home Depot for rope options, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, try looking at a boat supply store. Your rope will be used to drag your sled forward, backwards, or pulling behind you. If using a tub from a wheelbarrow, you’ll need to find a way to mount it. A tow strap will work great for dragging the sled but any pulls will be gnarly when it comes to grip and tearing up your hands. You will want to look for something roughly 1.25” in diameter and with minimal stretch to work well for dragging and pulling.


We love sandbag work all the variety they bring to training. If you can swing it, we suggest grabbing a Rogue Strongman Sandbag.

You can also grab this traditional one that has a variety of fillers. This a great option as it allows for a variety of loading. If you can, choose the bag that allows you to put more or less sand in it to give you more options when it comes to loading. Men (150-200 lb. bag), Women (100-150 lb. bag) are some good suggestions.

Home Depot

Amstone 70 lb. Tube Sand – If you’re not ready to invest in the sandbag yet, this is an option you can look in to. Take not that this option is not available for shipping and is not as durable as the Rogue options.

14 in. x 26 in. White Polypropylene Sandbag (100-Pack) – These filler bags work great for adding sand to them for your Rogue Sandbags. Trick is finding one big enough to have the loading you’re looking for, and again, durability will be an issue with this option. You can try doubling, tripling, or adding duct tape to the filler bags to raise their life expectancy.


Metal or bumper plates will do the trick. We suggest bumper plates because you can drop them. But they do take more room up on the sled. In regards to quantity, you shouldn’t find yourself needing more than 5, 45 lb. plates.

Let’s be honest. You can find a set of 45 lb. plates at a garage sale, salvation army, second hand sports shop, or maybe even your dad’s basement or garage. Do some digging around and shop online for better deals.

Dumbbells &

Choose a set that you think will work well for you. One pair will do the trick. Neither object is better or worse. Both can accomplish the same thing but the kettlebells may be more comfortable for carriers. Men, we suggest anywhere between 40-55 Ibs. for the loading. Women, anywhere between 25-45 lbs. You can also toss these on the dragging sled for more weight if needed.

Same rules apply here as the plates. Do some digging, find a set that has some weigh you think will work well for you with a variety of exercises.

Load Trainer

Long rucks will require a way for you to load up and hit the trail, hills, or mountains. One of the more versatile pieces is the load trainer since you can easily swap out the weights and put a variety of plates on it without any excessive movement or bouncing around.


Grab that old pack that you never put to use anymore. Having one that has a waist belt and chest strap is ideal. You can toss anything you like in here to add weight but some of those filler sandbags will work best so they don’t beat you up too much when they move around in the bag.

You don’t need much

Either way you go with these equipment options, you’ll still get the intended stimulus. So get to work and start collecting your Grunt Work items! The best part about these options is that they’re easy to transport ANYWHERE.