Track your rucks to
win a Go Ruck prize pack!

How it works:

Track your Grunt Work rucks on the Strava app for the next four weeks and share it on the private Grunt Work Facebook Group to enter a chance to win a Go Ruck prize pack – GR1 Bag, Ruck Plate, and Go Ruck Tee!

Challenge is four weeks total. Starts Septemeber 10th and ends October 7th.

The Strava app lets you track your running and riding with GPS while giving you the ability to share photos from your activities. It’s easy to use and perfect for Grunt Work rucks.

Download it on the App Store and get it on Google Play

You must ruck and share a total of four rucks throughout the challenge. Doesn’t matter if you do it all in one week or spread them throughout the four week period, we just need to see four total rucks.

You must ruck with at least 20lbs or more. There is no distance requirement for the rucks, just simply “getting it in and getting it done” by tracking it on the Strava app.

Yes, this challenge is for members only because you must share the rucks to the private Grunt Work Facebook Group. But don’t be shy about sharing these rucks on your public Facebook account as well!

Just one! When selecting the winner, we’ll be looking for someone who has shared at least four rucks total within the four week period. To increase your chances of winning, add some photos to your rucks when you share them on the private Grunt Work Facebook Group.

The following week after October 7th. We’ll contact the winner by email and announce it publicly on our Instagram story and private Facebook Group.