Flexibility With Training

Much of the value of Grunt Work not only lies in the results and adaptation we get from this type of training, but with the flexibility as well – equipment is minimal, can be very affordable, and is generally easily transportable. With a few simple pieces added to the garage or gym we have a whole new avenue of training. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are looking to take advantage of training in less than ideal situations.


Travel/Road Trip

You may be on the road, but toss in a sandbag or set of dumbbells and keep up with your training through creativity. If you are looking to keep the equipment to a minimum, we suggest taking a moderate weight so you have more versatility with it. This may lend to some higher rep work, but combining some traditional movements with a carry variation and a run or burpee will give you plenty of time under tension and create a challenging workout. If you’re running short on time, try doing an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) style of workout and use the first round or 2 as your warm up.

Visiting the in laws and don’t have a gym or any gear? Go invest in a bag of tube sand at your local hardware store and get to work.


Lack of Space or Weather Conditions

Let’s face it, some of these drags and carries are brutal enough as it is when the weather is nice, but what if it’s raining, snowing, or just flat out freezing outside?  

Option 1: Suck it up and get it done anyway. Yes, you’re “performance” is less than ideal in these situations but the reality is that it’s a different training stimulus and we can still gain value from it. Try bundling up, getting a decent pair of gloves, and a pair of shoes or boots that are waterproof if you plan on being outside in nasty conditions. These things alone will make life much more bearable when weather turns.

Option 2: Stay indoors and do marches. These are incredibly valuable and often underestimated. Some of you may live in an environment that has extreme weather. While we can gain value from these weather conditions, we also need to be smart. Subbing out walks, drags, prowler pushes, etc. with marches when in a tight space, is easier than you might think…. And they are tough! Toss on a weight belt and loop a band through it while you stand on either end with your feet. This creates tension on your hips and acts much like the loading we would get in a carry, drag, or push variation. The great thing is that you can add in whichever exercise is already present. Waiters, farmers, front rack, sandbag carries can all be done while marching in place with the weight belt/band combo. All you have to do is estimate the time it would take you to do the carry and put that on the clock to sub out the distance.


Stay The Course

Consistency is key, but be flexible. If you miss a day here or there you can pick up tomorrow right where you left off. Do your best to make the time to put in the work and get it done. If life gets in the way and you need to keep things short with the “no warm up workout,” go for it. Just be smart with the loading. If you miss the session, be motivated to get going again tomorrow. All of us have variables that we can and can’t control. Just because life doesn’t cooperate doesn’t mean we can’t get back on track and put in the work necessary to see results and live a healthy lifestyle.  

Regardless of our environment, situations, or circumstances we can all benefit from simple, hard, grunt work. Developing ourselves mentally and physically is always possible if we put in a small amount amount of time and preparation. And when it’s time to train I am confident you will put in maximum effort.